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User Agreement enters into force from the moment of your registration on the site PartMaster (http://autopartmaster.com).
1. Subject of the Agreement
The company «PartMaster EU» (hereinafter PartMaster) offers its services on the terms which are the subject of this Agreement. Agreement may be amended by us without any prior notice, the new version of the Agreement shall enter into force after seven (7) days from the date it is submitted, unless otherwise provided in the new version of the Agreement. The current version of the Agreement is on the page http://autopartmaster.com/en/?action=agreement

2. Description of Services
You understand and agree that all services Ordering the supplier and delivery of spare parts to the office are provided "as is" and that PartMaster not responsible for delays, failures, incorrect or untimely delivery by the supplier, deletion or failure any user personal information through no fault PartMaster.
You understand and agree that on this site price lists are informational and do not give a 100% guarantee that there are spare part currently in supplier stock, and that is  at a specified price.
For its part PartMaster is responsible for timely changes to the data on the status of the supplier of your order (changing the status of the items: "New," "Approved," "In the work," "The Road", "In Stock", "Shipped" , "refuse"; written comments to the order of the client, written and verbal notification by e-mail). PartMaster is responsible for the proper selection of spare parts for you, if you use the "Request body number (VIN)" when ordering.
You agree that the delivery of parts from the supplier's warehouse performed by transport companies with which the supplier works,  in  the   European office PartMaster   and then sent directly to the client by Post of Germany  or FedEx. You understand and agree that the service is not included in the cost of parts and paid separately, after your item (package) is measured and weighted at PartMaster office .
In order to use the services PartMaster, you must have a computer and Internet access, as well as to be able to transfer money or bank transfer (wire transfer) or e-currency. All the acquisition of rights of access to the network, purchase and commissioning of this equipment and the corresponding software are solved by yourself and do not fall within the scope of the Agreement.
PartMaster not responsible for errors associated with third-party payment services or access to our site.

3. Your registration obligations
In order to use the services of PartMaster, you agree to provide true, accurate and complete information about yourself as prompted in the registration form and in your profile, and keep this information up to date.
If you provide false, inaccurate or false information in advance or PartMaster there are serious grounds for believing that the information you provide is false, inaccurate or incomplete, PartMaster has the right to suspend or cancel your registration and to refuse to provide services in whole or in part. The website administration does not enter into correspondence or dialogue about the reasons of blocking the account. Accounts are locked forever, and re-registration of the same user (cloning) - these accounts will be blocked automatically.
4. Your registration, password and security
After completing the registration process, you will receive a login and password to access your account online PartMaster. You are responsible for the security of your username and password, and for all that will be done on PartMaster under your login and password. PartMaster has the right to prohibit the use of certain logins and / or remove them from circulation. You agree that you are required to immediately notify PartMaster about any case of unauthorized (not authorized by you) access to your username and password, as well as any other breach of security, or the fact that you yourself realize the completion of work under your password (button " Exit ") at the end of each session working on the site PartMaster. PartMaster not be liable for any loss or corruption of data, which may be due to breach by you of the provisions of this part of the Agreement.
5. The right to use registration on PartMastere
By registering on the site PartMaster, you get a non-transferable right to use his registration (login and password) to access the pages PartMaster. You have no right to transfer his registration (login and password) to a third party, and are not entitled to receive it from a third party other than with the written consent PartMaster. PartMaster assumes no responsibility for any agreements between you and third parties.

6. General provisions on the use and storage
Administration PartMastera can send its users the information messages (notifications). PartMaster is not liable for any delays, failures, incorrect or untimely delivery, deletion or failure to store any user personal information. You agree that PartMaster reserves the right to remove users who have not used their access over time. You also acknowledge that PartMaster can change rules and limits at any time, with or without notice.
In order to be your order has been placed with the supplier "be at the work " -You must have on their balance sheets enough funds as collateral value to pay the full cost of the order. PartMaster is not responsible for the selection of the wrong code, auto parts, if it is picked up by the customer on their own or through third parties.
Parts are given (sent) to you, only with a positive balance in the system. Even if you have a minus in the balance, but on the other unpaid orders - you first have to pay for all brought parts and   only after that can take them away from our warehouse (to be sent to you). Orders in the status of "In stock" and the customer must pay and picked up within 2 weeks of their arrival in our warehouse, and status updates. Over the next two months will be chargable the storage of parts in our warehouse , the cost of months of storage - 50% of the total value of parts. The value is calculated based on  30 days per month. After the expiration of two months  parts recorded off from your balance sheet and closed in the system without any refund.
7. Termination of registration
You agree that PartMaster reserves the right to terminate your login and password for any of the services and delete your orders for any reason, including the non-use access or violation of the Agreement.
8. Links
PartMaster Service may contain links to other resources. You acknowledge and agree that PartMaster accepts no responsibility for the availability of these resources and for their content, or for any consequences arising from the use of the content of those resources.
10. General Information
The agreement is a legally binding contract between you and PartMaster and governs your use of the Service PartMaster. Relevant treaties on you can also be imposed additional obligations related to the provision of other services. Recognition by the court of any provision of the Agreement shall not result in the invalidity of the other provisions of the Agreement. Inaction on the part PartMaster if you breach or other users of the Agreement does not preclude PartMaster right to take appropriate actions to protect its interests later, and does not constitute a waiver PartMaster their rights in case of subsequent similar or similar violations.