Delivery calculator for spare parts

deliveryIn the calculation of delivery cost does not include the cost of parts. !!!
If the dimensions of your auto parts do not exceed the dimensions of 105cm, the cost of international shipping for spare parts from our logistics center anywhere in the world  through economy mail is:
delivery Up to 2 kg and an estimated value of up to $ 100

parcel weight from 0 to 250g   -   9.99$
parcel weight from 250 to 500g   -   14,99$
parcel weight from 500 to 1000g   -   19.99$
parcel weight from 1000g to 2000g   -   34.99$.
delivery From 2 to 20 kg, or an estimated value of $ 100 and more.
Currency - USD.
Sending parcels - $ 20 plus $ 9 for each kg Asia, Africa, Central America, Australia and the island state - 20$ plus 14 each kg.
deliveryIf it is fragile or overall premise - postage increases by 50%.
delivery Average delivery time of 5-20 days depending on the country of the recipient.
delivery The cost of additional packaging separately and is not included in the shipping cost.
The maximum possible size (width or length or height) to send commercial e-mail services - 150 cm. Restrictions on receiving parcels public postal service length and weight above 105cm may be imposed by mail of the recipient country.
Please specify in your national postal service before placing your order.
Overall length of more than 105cm parts may be sent in alternative ways.
The cost and possibility of delivery is calculated individually by our experts at your request.
deliveryLogistics cost of wholesale commercial quantities calculated on request.
deliveryNot a complete list of restrictions on sending and receiving e-mail services: prohibited flammable and explosive substances (engine, transmission oils, liquid marked with flames) and glass. For more information, refer to the postal service.
deliveryFor express deliveries, use calculators DHL and Deutsche Post.
deliveryOur company is constantly improving service deliveries and we always offer the lowest possible combination of tariffs and speed of delivery.
The cost presented on our website is preliminary! The final price and method of sending our employee form after your order is finally packed and weighed.
We have 7 years of experience in international logistics and have the most comprehensive statistics on work with the postal services. For reasons of cargo integrity and guarantee delivery to your country, our employees can be decided about sending only through courier at their rates.
The cost of shipping may be different from that specified on the site.
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions related to the delivery of spare parts.