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We guarantee that we sell new auto spare parts from the manufacturer only.
We guarantee that the information reflects the brand automotive parts.
For example :
if you see the BMW brand - that means that it's only BMW only.
If you see brand Ruville for instance - it means that it is Ruville.

Except, we declare, we provide a guarantee акщь manufacturer on our products to cover the material and manufacturing defects and other defects that affect the normal functioning of the product under warranty.
Warranty does not apply in the following cases:
 damaged goods as a result of accidents or careless operation;
 defective goods, used in the fuel system and the exhaust system of the vehicle, due to the use of poor quality fuels (including due to contamination or the use of leaded gasoline or diesel fuel off-season);
 damage (including suspension and steering), arising from the careless driving on uneven roads, coupled with the shock loads on the parts of the vehicle;
 noise (creak, squeak) brakes;
 external damage glass body and lighting equipment;
 operational wear and natural change of state (including aging) such goods as wiper blades, belts, brake pads, discs and drums, clutch discs, spark plugs, etc .;
 consumables and materials (including oil filters, fuses, lamps, etc.);
 not pairwise replaced parts of the vehicle chassis (springs, shock absorbers, stabilizer);
 on shock absorbers replaced in less than 2 pieces on one axis of the car and without changing protective clothing (plus bump boot) and installation kit (upper suspension strut McPherson);
 defect, malfunction or corrosion of parts caused by the impact of industrial and chemical emissions, acid or alkaline pollution, vegetable juice, metabolic products of birds and animals, reactive materials, including used for de-icing roads, hail, lightning and other natural phenomena;
 if non-original product categories in a different color, the chemical composition of the material is irrelevant or technological differences from the original category of the like product, but the product is of appropriate quality.

The rights set forth in this section does not affect your statutory rights